WavePHONE - Get A Toll Free 800 Number

WavePHONE - Get A Toll Free 800 Number

WavePhone from Wave Internet is the perfect Phone Solution for Companies that want to offer a Toll Free 800 number to their customers for Sales and Support without the headache of having to buy expensive phone equipment.

WavePhone Features:

  • Your Own Toll Free Number
  • Calls Ring your Current Business Phone, Cell or Any Phone
  • Email Voice Mail Messages To You
  • Voice Message Recorded in mp3
  • Daily Call Schedule Programming
  • After Hour Call Reception
  • Easy To Use
  • No Equipment to Buy
  • No Equipment to Install
  • Only $20.00 per month / per WavePHONE Toll Free Number

To Order, please select the quantity of WavePHONE Toll Free Lines you want to have.

Our Price: $40.00
Recurring: $40.00